Evantagesoft is technology enablement

Evantagesoft is technology ennoblement company providing a blend of technology with creativity innovation that best benefits for the clients in the most effective and efficient manner to attain and surpass the results required by them, and to help them reduce operational cost and to allow them concentrate on their core business competency when working with us.

The team has diversified technology experience in both custom application & product development and implemented quality innovative business solutions for financial services, Telecom, Mass Transit, Entertainment, Real Estate and Sports.

We understand the journey other startups have to make – we haven’t forgotten ours. Working with fellow founders and tech innovators to convert their Ideas into Big Successful Business make us excited and reminds us - how we started over a decade ago! As technology partner we are shoulder to shoulder with you to develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to enterprise level application. Our team of experts will provide you timely air-cover in project delivery & management, UI/UX and DevOps at every step of engagement.



We are the most valuable and experienced team in the world.