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Evantagesoft has been working with banks & financial institutions to find new solutions that can improve and enhance their operations around core banking. Banks serving retail and small business customers covers deposit accounts, loans, mortgages and payments. The service is usually offered using multiple channels like POS, ATM, Internet Banking, branch visit etc.

Our work in financial services, ranging from core banking application to alternative finance platforms, is more responsive customer service appealing to new age banking customers and existing financial institutions to collaborate to gain technological know-how and expand to new markets. With such “disruptors” in place, technology allows for greater flexibility.


For financial institutions looking for fintech strategy in place, the trends indicate that enhancing customer service & transforming front office capabilities are top objectives of their strategy. This trend can also be observed in our market, where several financial institutions are adopting emerging technologies and digital platforms to interact with clients.

As the sector is getting more mature, all the attention is expected to be switched to innovative solutions from fintech for improving the efficiency of mid and back office internal processes and to find new ideas.

Our core products for digital
transformation in financial services
are as below.
  • Core Banking Application
  • ATM/POS Host Interface
  • Payment Gateway / VPT
  • m-Wallet / e-Wallet
  • Card Inventory Management & Distribution
  • Corporate Billing
  • Biller Aggregation
  • Gateway Integration