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With Internet delivery of video content surging to an unprecedented level, online video advertising is becoming increasingly pervasive. Evantagesoft presents an advertising solution for online video service which targets to automatically associates the most relevant interactive ADs with online videos and seamlessly inserts the ADs at the most appropriate positions within each individual video.

Unlike most current video-oriented sites that only display a video AD at the beginning or the end of a video, the solution aims to place more contextually relevant interactive ADs at less intrusive positions within the video stream. Given an online video, this solution aims to allow a publisher to detect and compile a set of candidate AD insertion points based on contextual data and save it in a database.

Every time when the video is played back by a viewer, the system will search the database for relevant candidate ADs and find the best match between insertion points and ADs based on publisher & advertiser preferences, video category, user geographic location, user demographics, and contextual information. The matching interactive ADs are then placed on the video for the viewer.

  • Media Management
  • Video Context Editor (VCE)
  • Ad Manager
  • Template Designer
  • Interactive Video Spot Designer
  • Skin Transition Designer
  • AD Designer
  • AD Campaign Manager
  • Analytics and Reports