Evantagesoft people making technology work



For sports enthusiasts finding and booking the available facility is a challenge even if you are member of the club. The process for making bookings is time consuming and often frustrating. The process is complicated and time consuming for Grounds /facility managers and really slow down the business operations.

There is also a potential for double bookings so every booking had to be checked and rechecked by the facility management team. They have to rely on a combination of spreadsheets and paper diaries, managed locally by the Ground / Facility Managers with enquiries and communications handled via phone or email. This resulted in a lot of paperwork and is very time consuming for the staff and also limits the ability of facility to take booking and maximize our potential income from the Grounds,

Evantagesoft team worked with sports enthusiasts to develop a solution to address such a challenge. Having a clear understanding of how sports enthusiasts and Ground / Facility Managers want the entire system to work is half the battle.

Overall the system has been incredibly valuable to sport business. It can support them to improve the operational management of the grounds, significantly improve the experience for their members and will create real strategic value through utilizing the dashboard and reporting functionality.

It will increase revenue generated through the facility because available grounds are more visible and accessible to potential users and members. With less administration required it means that the users have a faster, smoother and more pleasant experience of using available facilities and therefore are more likely to return.