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The telecom sector continues to be a critical force for growth, innovation, and disruption across multiple technology industries. The growth in smartphone usage indicates continuing opportunity for all telecom sub-sectors and we see a shift towards areas with a higher growth potential that goes well beyond carriers’ core connectivity business.

Mobile payments innovations have occurred sporadically over the last decade to suit local scenarios. Operators in emerging markets were the first to leverage mobile money, but the pace of innovation is now quickening in developed markets. Accelerating growth is visible in the value and volume of mobile payments transactions globally, with non-banks accounting for a rising share.

The universe of mobile payments services is expanding rapidly as boundaries blur between payments, marketing and shopping services delivered via mobile and as new entrants disrupt existing market scenarios.

Evantagesoft is a one-stop-shop that quickly connects digital merchants, billing aggregators and OEM app stores to multiple operators.

Our Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) solution is one of the leading mobile payment solutions, enabling our partners to quickly go to market and extend their reach throughout Pakistan. Our full service managed approach, leveraging our own platform, simplifies the process for merchants and operators, facilitating debit transactions and enabling our partners to easily profile their target markets, launch services and reach desired customers.