RemitONE partners with Evantagesoft to launch innovative remittance services to Pakistanis at home and abroad

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RemitONE, the leading end-to-end money transfer solutions provider, announces its partnership with Evantagesoft Private Limited, Pakistan’s principal financial technology solution provider.

This partnership launches innovative remittance services in the region and establishes a remittance aggregator using the collaboration of both teams.

“We are pleased to offer an innovative end-to-end remittance service in the country using the RemitONE platform. As remittances are on a rise in the country, there is a need to streamline all the complexities that have been faced by the stakeholders involved in the process. We foresee a vital role that RemitONE will play in making this happen through its highly successful and compliant money transfer platform. It will enable the ability to send money, airtime, banks transfer, and mobile transfers from a network of more than 100+ money transfer operators across the globe as well as to speeds up the transfer process so beneficiaries receive their funds faster” – says Evantagesoft CEO, Arshad Quayyum.

At RemitONE, we never shy away from innovation and improving the user journey, so it was only right that we partnered with a fintech company that shares our values and vision. We have already prospered from the partnership and we look forward to continuing working with Evantagesoft, to bring established and streamlined remittance services to Pakistan.” – Aamer Abedi, CMO, RemitONE.

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About Evantagesoft

Evantagesoft is a FinTech enablement company, providing financial platforms ranging from Digital Banking, Remittance, Mobile Money, Mobile Wallet and various Financial Solutions. Through its proprietary technology, the company is helping in establishing payment railroad with innovative strategies in different economies. Evantagesoft specializes and has diversified technology experience in both product development & custom applications, and implemented quality innovative business solutions for various industry verticals including Financial Services, Telecom, Mass Transit, Entertainment, Real Estate and Sports. For more information, please email