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Digital Outreach

At Evantagesoft, we offer a complete portfolio of professional ecommerce services,

ranging from ecommerce consulting and strategy, to design, development and implementation, custom solutions, third party system integration, Internet marketing, training, and support services to aid the delivery of world-class ecommerce solutions based on our flagship ecommerce platform with a proven implementation methodology.

Drawing on the experience gained by creating various ecommerce portals over the last 10+ years, we have strategized, designed and developed the best practices pre-configured ecommerce storefronts to help deploy enterprise-level ecommerce solutions.

Ecommerce Consulting

With vast experience of ecommerce experience, having deployed hundreds of ecommerce solutions, Evantagesoft has a substantial Ecommerce domain understanding from which to provide advice to our clients, from choosing the right platform, to integrating the appropriate site search, to developing a customized ecommerce strategy, and to enhancing the commercial/ and technical performance.

Ecommerce Design

When designing or redesigning your online presence, we use cutting-edge technology to radically enhance the look and feel of your Ecommerce Portal, maximize user comfort, and effectively support your brand personality.

Ecommerce Accelerators

Evantagesoft provides a large set of specialized features, Ecommerce Accelerators, pre-integrated with our solutions. Using our Accelerators, we have developed a proven implementation methodology backed by our expert ecommerce services.

Ecommerce Development

Custom Solutions, Third Party Application Integration, We integrate a wide variety of third-party solutions, ranging from sophisticated site features, to POS and ERP systems, fulfillment solutions, reporting and analytics applications, to email marketing programs.

Support & Maintenance

Evantagesoft provides an exceptional level of support and maintenance from the instant your portal goes live. The success of your business is our business, and we take every means to ensure that your site functions smoothly. We make sure that your customers are consistently provided with new features and up-to-date, original and relevant content.

Internet Marketing

In addition to complete online marketing strategies, we provide advanced SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, email marketing, media buying and additional services to drive relevant traffic to your ebusiness.

Site Audits

Our Ecommerce Audit service will review your online store and give you the necessary tips to improve your overall search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rates, product placement, marketing strategies, site performance, content, and platform analysis.

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