Smart City Solutions

Integrated Command and Control for City Services driven by Data and Analytics for better planning and informed decision making.

At the heart of a Smart City Solution

encouraging city planners to improve living standards, and explore technologies increasing efficiency

The increased pressure created by urbanization drawing people from rural to urban areas, encouraged city planners to improve living standards, and explore technologies increasing efficiency and promoting economic growth.

At the heart of a Smart City Solutions, lies technology using Internet of Things (IoT) providing intelligent solutions to citizens, improving living conditions, promoting sustainability and resilience.

Smart Governance

Inter-connected smart street lights intelligently operate based on surrounding light levels maintaining efficient operations with reduced energy consumption, wastage and maintenance needs. Smart controls improve visibility by automatically dimming and adjusting lighting levels in real-time, providing capability to proactively identify lamp failures, location change and power supply issues.

Curb security vulnerabilities by strategic deployment of sensors to detect gunfire, break-ins and redirection of SOS calls by residents to rapid response teams. Intelligence collection by Data analysis, sharing and storage of deployed devices to proactively identify threats of sensors tampering, removal and security reinforcement at identified locations.

Data collection of meteorological information, generating updated information on atmospheric conditions to keep the residents informed, improve in decision-making, ranging from improvements in city design to the increase and improvements in the well-being of the city’s inhabitants.

Factors affecting this most common problem, such as increase in urban areas and rapid population growth, is smartly solved by implementation of intelligent services that function as the frontline in obtaining information of every aspect of human activities. This information serves as the source to implement efficient operational controls using IoT devices.

Smart mobility solutions help commuters save time by accessing real-time traffic information, public buses routes/schedules, seat availability, and location of available parking spaces with a seamless parking experience. Up to date information availability of parking spaces, number of vehicles parked in lots, and duration for which these vehicles are parked reduces congestions and queues.

Centralized online facilities providing banking and payment services for residents to perform secure transactions without the need of physical appearance. Smart city’s integrated network allows real-time identification and authentication of residents performing financial transactions with smart fraud detection using artificial intelligence to analyze data.
Citizen Smart Services

High quality and secure living standard offered by online services accessible from a single platform

Public Notification & Announcements

stay informed of latest offerings announcement and services for the comfort of home

House Call Services

Residents of Smart Cities have the convenience of acquiring a variety of 24x7 services at their fingertips from the comfort of their home

Emergency Services

Quick response teams availability on the click of a button take immediate action in medical, fire and utilities disruption situations

Shopping & Dining

Residents avail up-to-date information of surrounding restaurants, hotels and shopping facilities offering deals

Social & Religious Communities

Building a cohesive community by interacting with like-minded social interaction platforms of diversified interests

Leisure and Entertainment

A variety of activities available in Smart City Solutions, inter-connected & dispersing information to residents in real-time about rush hours, congestions,

Healthcare & Emergency

Quick response teams availability on the click of a button take immediate action in medical, fare and utilities disruptions


Smart education facilities integrated with the Smart City Solutions security monitoring systems and high-tech learning management systems

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