Gateway Plus

A Bridging system between USSD Gateway and Mobile Financial Solution.

Competitive pressure to deploy innovative services in telecom domain is driving the demand for USSD, and the current implementations of USSD Gateways are not able to meet the level of customization that is required to serve clients under different industry domains. Because of this USSD Gateways are not being effectively utilized, as desired by clients.

Gatewayplus is an optimal solution, especially for telecom and mobile financial service providers, looking for a customized USSD menu hosting system that can be deployed as a communication bridge between USSD Gateway and the Mobile Financial platforms. It is an ideal medium for quick deployment & maintenance of a variety of applications that can be utilized independent of the handset technologies.

  • Customized Menu Hosting System
  • A Bridging system between USSD Gateway & Mobile Financial Solution
  • Capable of transformation of messages to the proprietary / standard message specifications including (SMPP, ISO-8583, Web Service)
  • Provides equal opportunities for the banks that already deployed their mobile financial services as well as for the banks that are currently seeking to offer payment services
  • In addition to the financial services, the solution can be utilized to offer services for advertisers and market research companies as well for the purpose of short display ad and interactive surveys.
Core Components

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