Property Management Solution

Property management platform that is different from other software applications

Manage Your Properties Using PMS Functionalities

Technology companies are tapping into a more broad & global market, creating a new digital “ecosystems”

We see a great potential transforming the “Property Management” into a digital business simply by operating the ecosystem. Evantagesoft’s Property Management System (PMS) built by people in the business who understand the needs of landlords & property managers.

PMS brings together property managers, tenants, contractors, agents and owners in one place. PMS has been innovated to be a multi-user platform accessible via the web and on mobile devices. It’s accessible anywhere at any time giving you freedom and flexibility in how you manage your properties.

Core Modules

encouraging city planners to improve living standards, and explore technologies increasing efficiency

Provides an extensive administration interface that will allow the end users to define a number of system level configurations that will be utilized to perform various operations during property registration and booking activities.
  • System Configuration
  • Role Management
  • User Management
  • Language Management / Multilingual Support
  • Country Management
  • City Management
  • Area Management
  • Apartment Type Management
  • Room Type Management
  • Service Parameters Management
  • Bank Account Management
  • Third Party Integration
  • Dashboard And Reports

Provides various moderation interfaces for administrative users where they will be able to moderate property registrations by field agents, payments and user reviews.
  • Property Moderation
  • Payment Moderation
  • User Review Moderation

Provides a process under a separate portal to the property owners that will comprise of a wizard interface for property listing and an extensive dashboard where they will be able to perform different management operations related to their listed properties.

    Property Registration Wizard Interface

  • Basic Property Information
  • Property Details
  • Room Details
  • Amenities
  • Property Photos
  • Settings
  • Agreement

    Property Dashboard

  • Reservation Calendar
  • On-Site / Walk In Reservation
  • Property Visits
  • Property Review

Users are allowed to register their desired property on PMS for themselves or on behalf of any other user who will actually visits the property.

  • Property Search
  • Property Listing
  • Property Reservation / Booking

Provides users with a management interface where they can manage their active reservations and can review history of their past visits.

  • Booking Rescheduling / Cancellation

Provides its property owners to increase their reach by purchasing add-on services on a fixed price. These add-on services include Featured listing of properties during user search as well as it allows the property owners to place banner ads on PMS main website.

Offers a standard content repository solution that provides a combined benefit of database and File System Storage. A content repository is a hierarchical content store with support for structured and unstructured content, full text search, versioning, transactions, observation, and more.

The system utilizes the Java Content Repository (JSR 170) with it first ever and stable open source implementation Apache JackRabbit.

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